• 1 Looking for a world as it should be?
    your are almost there.

    Photographer: Ernst Gruber / pixelio.de

  • 1 Paving
    it depends on what you want it to be.

    Photographer: Daniela Breimair / pixelio.de

  • 1 is it a garden or a little a paradise?
    Find out!

    Photographer:Annamartha / pixelio.de

  • 1 Green is the color of convenience
    don't you agree?

    Photographer: Joujou / pixelio.de

  • 1 Water and stones
    just enjoy.

    Photographer: Torsten Born / pixelio.de

  • 1 Even in bad days you need a good place.

    Photographer: Gabriele Planthaber / pixelio.de

  • 1 Awsome

    Photographer: Klaus Steves / pixelio.de

  • 1 Geometry
    forming structure and peace.

    Photographer: Lilo Kapp / pixelio.de

  • 1 Irrigation
    Full managed system.

    Photographer: rundumkiel.de - Lifestyle-Blog / pixelio.de

  • 1 Japanese
    Conceptual minimalism.

    Photographer: Lisa Schwarz / pixelio.de

  • 1 Weed control
    Ask us or let the slug have a meal.

    Photographer: *Clam* / pixelio.de

  • 1 Orchestrated Light
    Ambience and convenience.

    Photographer: Rainer Sturm / pixelio.de

  • 1 Love laziness
    Like every being does

    Photographer: uschi dreiucker / pixelio.de

  • 1 Water lilies
    let them bloom like weed.

    Photographer: Wilhelmine Wulff / pixelio.de

Your Professional Gardener and Horticulturist

Is your garden special to you and do you want it to be in professional hands?
Do you want someone with an eye for details who makes the most of your unique garden?
Do you want someone to help you make your garden ideas come true? Someone who loves a garden as much as you do?

With ten years of experience in various fields of horticulture and landscaping as well as a lot of passion for plants and gardens, I offer you a highly personalized, knowlegable, reliable and friendly garden service.

What ever dreamgarden you want to create and/or maintain – from a flowergarden to a minimalistic structural garden – here, at Pristine Gardens, you find all the knowledge and skill you are looking for!